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Our Lice Crusaders Advice For Choosing A Lice Removal Service!

DO - Ask questions! Know WHO you're bringing into your home and the process being used!

DO - Make sure ALL cost are given during scheduling!


DO NOT - Choose a company that uses questionable gadgets or gimmicks instead of genuine lice removal methods!

DO NOT - Choose a company that promises to have all cases 100% lice free in only one treatment! 

This is False Advertisement! Lice Removal can be a process depending on severity! Go with a company that's honest about any and all follow ups and instructions that may be needed! Your wallet will thank you!

DO NOT -  Choose a company that offers to treat your home. Lice live in the hair, not the home!

All About Head Lice!!!

(what you really need to know and do)

What are Head Lice?!

Head Lice are small parasitic insects that have evolved to live and feed on the human scalp!

What do Head Lice look like?!

Head Lice are about the size of a grain of rice or sesame seed. They can have a brownish or off white color (this coloring makes them difficult to spot as they often blend in with the hair color of their host).  They have 6 claws! The nits (eggs) are oval shaped and can range in color from white to brown. They are usually spotted behind the ears and at the nape of the neck!

How do Head Lice spread?!

 Head lice are spread primarily through head-to-head contact.

How can Head Lice be prevented?!

  Recognize the symptoms of head lice; looking for itching at the scalp, small red bumps or sores on the neck and/or scalp.

Do monthly head checks (especially on school aged children) focusing on the "red zones" nape of neck, behind ears and crown of head.

The first line of defense against head lice is avoidance, so keep hair pulled up in a ponytail/ bun or braided. For shorter hair (above shoulder length) use a headband to help hairline remain secure.

Teach your child(ren) to never share hats, combs, brushes, hair ties, towels, helmets, earphones, pillows, sleeping bags, etc.

If your child plays sports try not to share helmets, but if they must... wipe down with a wet cloth before and in between uses. Do the same at “princess” parties as tiaras, boas and costumes can harbor lice.

What if my child(ren) already has nits or lice?!

Do NOT panic!!! Take a deep breath. Remember... lice are more of a nuisance than a health issue.

Check everyone in the household for signs of  head lice and nits. For those who have lice, seek a professional lice removal service. Although it may seem easier and cheaper to buy an over the counter kit and do it yourself (DIY)... it can turn into a tedious, time consuming and unsuccessful process! Following an infestation, a person is twice as likely to be re-infested in the following 30 days. Head lice leave a scent in the hair that will attract a new lice family.  80% of self treatment attempts FAIL! 

It's worth getting the job done RIGHT the 1st time! Do yourself a favor and call Lice Crusaders today! It's worth hiring a professional!!!

Should I Clean My Entire House?!

The most common misconception is that the entire house needs to be scrubbed from ceiling to floor. This information is WRONG! A louse will die once off the head for 24 to 48 hours. A nit becomes in-viable after it comes off the hair shaft. It will NOT continue it's life cycle. The chances that a live louse is somewhere “lurking around” are slim to none! Do not drain yourself focusing on the home! Treating the head is MOST important.

Things You Can Do

Wash the sheets and pillow cases. Put comforters, pillow and stuffed animals that were slept with into the dryer on high heat for 20 - 30 minutes. Allow hairbrushes, combs and hair accessories to soak in water that has been boiled for 30 minutes or place in a ziploc bag and leave sealed for 24 hours!

To Help You Feel Better...

You can vacuum floors and sofas. Place jackets and backpacks into the dryer for 30 minutes and wipe down all other surfaces!

DO NOT waste your money on products marketed to clean the home as they are unnecessary to use.